A Secure and Interconnected Network

Our intelligent connectivity provides a secure and reliable network that optimises your wide-area communications and business applications intelligently.

inq. provides reliable, scalable, flexible and cost-effective solutions for all-sized businesses for multiple sites, off-site employees, suppliers and partners – locally and abroad – securely and effectively. We offer you best-in-class managed connectivity services with 24/7 uptime and security. The 24 hours proactive monitoring offers peace of mind to our customers and reduces risk.


Enterprise grade DIA ensures a fast, strong reliable connectivity to the internet.

inq. Dedicated Internet Access (DIA) provides high speed fixed bandwidth secure internet with no Fair Usage Policy (FUP) and public routable IP’s. Manage all your internet sites, bandwidth and data usage in real-time on our inq. Control Platform™.

Our Benefits:

Symmetrical Speeds:

Both upload and download speeds are guaranteed.

Online Security:

Ensure your online activities are secure through our online security system.

Service Level Agreement (SLA):

SLA driven with a focus on latency, bandwidth and uptime.


Bandwidth prioritisation works in conjunction with redundant international capacity. All traffic on your service is prioritised when there are international fibre outages; this includes a prioritised escalation matrix.

Redundant International Capacity:

Automatic prioritisation on our multiple international routes when outages occur. When fibre outages occur, your service and speeds will not be affected.


Dedicated, reliable and private MPLS VPN for branch connectivity.

inq. MPLS Managed services offerings provide branch connectivity for enterprises with dedicated, secure and reliable connectivity. MPLS is the leading networking technology used by local and multinational corporations to interconnect branches and country offices as an alternative to traditional VPNs.

Using our inq. Control Platform™, enterprises can monitor not just the connectivity but also branch CPE’s. inq. MPLS is backed with redundancy, backup power supply and 24/7 monitoring.

Our Benefits:

Dedicated Bandwidth:

Dedicated MPLS bandwidth to ensure your applications are connected.

Service Level Agreement (SLA):

SLA driven with a focus on latency, bandwidth and uptime.

Safe and Secure:

Built on Industry-standard MPLS L3 VPN to ensure your traffic cannot be snooped upon.

Centralised Management:

Delivered using our inq. Control Platform™, enterprises can monitor connectivity & branch CPE’s.

Architecture Guidance:

Our solutions architects will provide your business with the right MPLS architecture.


inq. Fabric is a Software Defined based Cloud Connectivity solution delivering automated provisioning and routing.

 We isolate traffic from the public internet and deliver stringent privacy and security policies required by today’s businesses.

Data Centre Connectivity:

Direct Connectivity:

Direct connectivity to independent Data Centres across the globe delivered on a dedicated network.

Cloud Connectivity:

Hybrid Connectivity:

Connecting on-prem private infrastructure to either own private cloud or public cloud.

Multicloud Connectivity:

Connecting client cloud applications to multiple cloud service providers.

Broadband Solutions

Keep your business connected with reliable and scalable Internet solutions that can grow with your business.

Whether you are in a metropolitan or a suburban area, you can almost immediately connect your business to the Internet without having to wait any longer.

Our Solutions:

Connect Fibre:

Broadband Connect Fibre keeps your business connected at the speed of light, ensuring your business is always on, responsive and ready to make the most of emerging opportunities. You can rest easy knowing your Internet access is provisioned behind layers of in-built network firewalls and web security that ensures you enjoy the true value of the internet connectivity in your business operations without fear of malicious attacks.

Connect Wireless:

Our Broadband Connect Wireless service is a fixed wireless solution that offers premium Internet to businesses using a licensed 10.5GHz spectrum which assures no interference. This solution is ideal for small and medium enterprises that require quick, secure and reliable Internet connectivity. We offer dedicated and shared service profiles as well as symmetric and asymmetric data rates to better suit your IT demands. No matter your location, with our nationwide coverage and proactive monitoring, your business is connected securely to ensure that you are always online.

Connect Satellite:

Our Broadband Connect Satellite solution is a reliable solution that offers reliable, premium Internet on C-band and Ku-band frequencies, keeping your business connected to do what you do best, even in the very remote areas. We use the latest technology to optimize the satellite networks allowing us to offer cost effective and efficient services in unserved and underserved areas. Depending on your business requirements and location, we are well placed to connect your business with high service level availabilities and bandwidths that are easily scalable as your business demand grows.

Red Unlimited:

Our Red Unlimited Solution has been designed specifically to meet the needs of Small and Medium-sized businesses who require reliable and cost-effective internet connectivity. With this solution, customers within Lagos Metropolis can enjoy improved efficiency and productivity with more control over their operations meaning they can offer better services to satisfy their customers. Red Unlimited offers customers truly unlimited and uncapped data, up to 8 Mbps download speed, no Fair Usage Policy, no throttle, burstable speed in the evenings and 24×7 availability.

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