Seamless Smart Business Communication

inq. Push2Talk solution offers enterprise businesses instant and secure communication over LTE/3G or WiFi. The service is enhanced with Voice, Video, Chat and Map feature, which is also integrated into the operational flows of the business, creating a platform for employee collaboration via their devices.

Features of Push2Talk:

Secured Voice, Chat, Video & Location services over LTE/3G and WiFi networks with

Administration web-based tool to manage users, groups

Dispatcher function to manage the ongoing operations

Interconnectivity with exiting radio systems (P25/Tetra/other)

Video from external IP cameras

End to end security and encryption


Benefits of Push2Talk:

Quick installation/deployment

Easily disseminate information to groups in the field

Real time communication and monitoring

Service can be offered on a wide range of devices

Integration with existing IT and knowledge system

Integration with sensors and devices

Integration with existing Land mobile Radios

Enables interaction between relevant groups of people and devices

Bridge to IoT connectivity

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