Enterprise Voice Solutions

Enterprise Voice Solutions

Welcome to the future of business IP telephony

Enterprise Voice Solution is an enterprise-grade fixed telephony solution specifically designed for businesses that require cost-effective telephony with high call quality, as well as improved levels of service on local and international calls. This solution allows businesses to communicate with their employees across different devices, maintaining one number and dialing behavior, so that every business call is answered.

Built on our reliable network infrastructure, our Enterprise Voice Solution provides your business with a crystal-clear voice solution that is not limited by existing phone line infrastructure or the lack thereof.

Features of Enterprise Voice Solution:

On-net intra- and inter-company calls

Local and international call breakouts

International Fixed and GSM call breakouts


Benefits of Enterprise Voice Solution:

Accommodates large volume of inbound and outbound calls

Compatible with any PBX, be it E1, SIP or FXO

Reduced operational expenses


Make and receive calls anytime, anywhere and on any device

Our Voice Solutions come in two packages:

Hosted IPBX

Not all businesses have the need to invest in their own PBX (Private Branch Exchange) switchboard system, yet they could benefit from the advantages and efficiencies of PBX functionality. That’s where Business Express, our PBX internet service offering, comes in. Your phones will be connected to inq. network – securely and reliably hosted in our world-class data centres and we will handle all the routing and switching on your behalf. This includes both internal and external calls.

Benefits of Hosted IPBX:

  • Enhanced PBX service without having to invest in any hardware
  • Staff can communicate at very low rates
  • Staff can receive calls on multiple devices
  • Local and international conference calling facility
  • Superior cost management and forecasting
  • Reduced operational expenses
  • Extensive range of internet compatible phones
  • Customised IVR (Interactive Voice Recording)
  • Per-second billing
SIP Trunking

Our Enterprise voice solution allows you to use your existing PBX (Private Branch Exchange) switchboard for calls. Phones and extensions already connected to your PBX system will be able to make and receive calls with no additional capital investment.

Benefits of SIP Trunking:

  • Crystal clear voice calls
  • Onsite calls remain on your existing PBX (switchboard)
  • Current numbers and extension remain unchanged
  • Large volumes of inbound and outbound calls can be accommodated
  • Compatible with any PBX system
  • Enhanced business mobility

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