Complying with all relevant laws, standards and principles

How we should act to achieve compliance with all relevant laws.

Basing business decisions on economic, social and environmental criteria and maintaining financial integrity

How we spend company money, keep accurate records, manage contracts, consider health and safety when contracting suppliers and minimise our impact on the environment.

Voicing our opinions on industry issues while taking an apolitical stance

How we are proactive and are thought leaders in our engagement with governments and other stakeholders; but do not make political party contributions.

Communicating openly with our stakeholders while maintaining commercial confidentiality

How we communicate clearly and promptly with guidelines on protecting and sharing confidential information, dealings with competitors and receiving unsolicited business information.

Valuing our customers’ trust and safeguarding their personal information

How we respect and protect customer privacy and guard against inappropriate or unwanted communication or spam.

Basing employee relationships on respect for individuals and their human rights

How we provide equal opportunities, forbid harassment and bullying, prohibit alcohol and drugs in the workplace, and protect employee privacy. 

Protecting the environment and improving the environmental and social benefits of our products and services

How we require employees to be familiar with environmental laws, look for opportunities to reduce waste and dispose of materials carefully, limit travelling and make the most of online options.

Building trust in our communities and investing in social upliftment

How we are sensitive to the needs of communities, listen to and actively communicate with them and get involved in social development through the inq. Foundation in each country we operate in.

Protecting the health and safety of our customers, employees, partners and communities

How we require all employees to comply with the inq. Absolute Rules, report all infringements and act quickly to investigate and recommend improvements.

Acting with honesty, integrity and fairness in all our dealings

How we avoid conflicts of interest, manage gifts and hospitality and extend our business principles to our business partners and suppliers

Ensuring adherence to the inq. Way and code of conduct

How employees make sure their own and others’ actions are in accordance with our values and business principles and report violations of the code of conduct.

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