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Intelligent Connectivity

Connectivity is the basis of all business communication. With our intelligent connectivity solutions, you stay connected always, increase collaboration and share resources with your employees and customers. Gain complete control of all your business information and communications.

inq. Cloud

Instead of acquiring, maintaining, upgrading and managing your own infrastructure and software, your business can choose any of our cloud solutions to meet these needs. Our inq. cloud solutions enable you to access a range of functionalities and applications simply by connecting to the cloud. 

Digital Solutions

To increase business productivity and stay competitive, employees need access to the right communication and collaboration solutions, in and away from the office. Our Digital Solutions simplify everything to connect your business, drive efficiency and improve productivity, using the most appropriate solutions.

inq. SDN

Business growth leads to increasing demand for cloud services, video streaming and business digitalization. Software-Defined Networks and Network Function Technologies (inq. SDN) enable a transformation of your network infrastructure to deliver these services with agility and improved network performance. 

inq. Video AI

inq. Video AI Video Analytics as a Service integrates video surveillance management systems with APIs to gather data. Data collected from your AI algorithm-enabled devices like video cameras and associated platforms (CCTV) are then filtered and stored in the cloud for further analysis.

Cloud and Digital service provider

We enable businesses to connect their places, people and things

As a Pan-African Cloud and Digital service provider, whether it’s Intelligent connectivity, inq. Cloud solutions, Digital solutions, Software Defined Network/Network Function Virtualization (inq. SDN) or inq. Video AI Video Analytics as a Service, we will make sure that you, your people, your offices and your assets are always confidently connected – wherever they are.

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